It’s all about Dat Dough.

It all comes down to knowing your ingredients and how to use them. At Izzy’s Pizza Bus, we take pride in making nearly everything from scratch using only the best ingredients we can find. We let our dough cold-ferment for up to 4 days to bring out the most flavor that we can. We top it with California tomatoes from Stanislaus, always packed fresh never concentrated. Our cheese is from Grande in Wisconsin, and we never use anti-caking agents on our shredded cheese. We top it with some of the best meats we can find and the freshest veggies available (local when possible, which is tough in the desert).

We take time to make every pizza as if we are going to eat it ourselves. You deserve the best creations we can make, and our aim is to give every customer a reason to visit us again and again. From the free candy or cookies while you wait for the flavors you will get from each bite of pizza, we welcome you to come give us a try anytime. Can’t wait to see you!

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